What is more ultimate than to be free to do the things you love the most? Let us help you free up time by making it more easy to decide what to clothes to put on. With an Elysian belt you will always know what to wear and how to spark up any outfit.

Goodbye decision fatigue



That one accessory that completes your wardrobe. We aim to create simple design that can be used in different ways. You can wear the belt how you like it. By changing the colors of the straps you can make it go with almost any outfit.

Keep it simple


What makes you, you? We want to encourage people to choose the colors they like. We believe that if we help people make their own choices in small things, this could be the first step towards a habit of creating the life they choose. 

All change starts with small steps



We must never forget to have fun in everything we do. What is there more to do in life than to have fun and enjoy what we are doing. We are so busy getting everything perfect that we sometimes forget that life is passing by in the mean time.

Enjoy every minute of it


We love love. Our love for people and for nature makes us want to do everything we can to treat both of them with the utmost respect. We envision to make sustainable and ethical choices in the selection of suppliers, materials, design, etc.

Love is the key



We believe in making mistakes because this means you are stepping outside your comfort zone. Progress is not a straight line from A to B but an adventure into the wilderness where the path is only visible when looking back.

Take the road less traveled