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Many different colored straps

Many different colored straps


Each belt comes with loose straps that you can switch according to the colors of your outfit. You’ll always wear a belt that matches your clothes and accessories.

You can buy additional straps to have even more options.

An extra of the belts is that they have more holes than regular belts so that you can wear them in your waist or hips or anywhere in between.

Same belt, different straps

Same belt, different straps


The collection consists of 1 model in 2 widths.

Model Rome is 2 cm large and Model Oslo 4 cm.





All belts are ‘one size’ and made with extra holes to fit different sizes. They are designed to be worn on the waist and hip. If you want to be sure the size will fit you can measure the circumference of your body on the place where you want to wear the belt, on your pants or dress. The belts fit between 80 cm (last hole) and 100cm (first hole)




“I like my Elysian belt, because I can wear it in so many different ways and with so many outfits! If I have a low waist jeans with a simple white blouse that I want to funky up, I take my Elysian belt adding the colour and cheerfulness to my outfit! I also adore my Elysian belt to accentuate my waistline and yes, I do not need another belt as it matches all sizes: low waist, high waist, middle waist, … Typically with dresses I like to wear my belt high. A simple outfit is made so sophisticated in a click. My Elysian belt always fits!” - Caroline T


“Wearing an Elysian belt, to me, is a statement: this way I choose personalised, sustainable and timeless fashion; I support a story. Owning lots of extra bands, choosing the right combination with the right belt has become one of my morning rituals.” - Nathalie DW


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